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Monday, January 4, 2010

Media Realism at One

A year ago today, I launched Media Realism. What started as a way to stay in touch with a group of friends and former colleagues has mushroomed in to something much larger and more gratifying.

Here are some highlights and observations:

1) Everyone talks of the web as being global but when it hits you personally the concept really comes alive. Over the last 12 months, I have heard from readers in Canada, Ireland, Britain, France, Turkey, Singapore, Korea, India, Argentina, and New Zealand. Their comments are very insightful and give me a fresh look at things that I take for granted.
2) 99% of you prefer to write to me directly rather than post on the site which I fully understand in the nervous world of 2010. Everyone knows the comments stop with me and your positive remarks encourage me and your criticisms make me more careful and the posts better.
3) How big is the readership? It floats from 1200-3600 depending on the topic and how many of you pass it on.
4) To my panel, thank you. Your willingness to be a sounding board on dozens of issues is a great help. And, your candor is very refreshing.
5) We will branch out some in 2010. I will tackle Social Media across the year with a little help from a variety of friends. Also, we may creep into economics and politics a bit more as they are very intertwined with certain communications issues and have to be included in a balanced portfolio of posts.
6) Imitation has been said to be the greatest form of flattery. I continue to get reports that people quote Media Realism more and more and some clients mysteriously see passages from posts popping up in media plans without a citation. Not a good idea. And, a big Bronx cheer to the handful of creeps out there who sometimes copy a post and e-mail it to many others implying that it is their work. Media Realism will always be free and believe me--I do not want your job(s). So, send it everywhere but be decent enough to give Media Realism a byline.
7) I am always open to ideas on topics for posts and have used them from several of you. Just remember, that I will always call it as I see it.

Thanks again for your support and good humor. Let’s make it a great year.

If you would like to contact Don Cole directly, you may reach him at doncolemedia@gmail.com

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